• First Scan for Q-weak Scanner

    Image: (August 2, Jefferson Lab, Newport News, Virginia) The first successful scan for the Q-weak scanner. The scanner was completed and commissioned by Ms. Jie Pan and Mr. Peiqing Wang. The stripe of events across the top of the image are elastic electrons passing through the main detector and then being sensed by our Q-weak scanner. The data show the first successful scan taken by the Q-weak scanner. The scanner was constructed in our laboratory at the University of Winnipeg. Data were taken with our 0.89 mm Al target with a beam current of 5 microAmperes, and with the QTOR spectrometer magnet at full current (8937 Amperes).

    More information:
    Q-weak website at
    Q-weak website at Jefferson Lab

    Posted on 16 Apr 2014
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