• Andrew wins poster competition!

    (Andrew is the tall one, in the back.)

    Andrew Harrison was awarded first place at the 9th Annual Randy Kobes Poster Competition, held September 17 in the Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex at the University of Winnipeg. Andrew's research was on “Robotic Magnetic Field Mapping for the nEDM Experiment at TRIUMF” and his supervisor was Russell Mammei.

    Also competing from our group were Sean Hansen-Romu (supervisor: Blair Jamieson), Wolfgang Klassen (supervisor: Jeff Martin), and Steven Waldron (supervisor: Blair Jamieson). Sean's poster was on "Geant4 Ultracold Neutron Simulations: Falling, Filling, and Magnetic Fields". Wolfgang's was on "Lasers and Magnets". Steven's was called "Looking for the Invisible: Neutrinos, WCSim, and Hyper-Kamiokande".

    Coming in third place was Sashika Kumaragamage (supervised by Chris Bidinosti) presenting "RF Coil Switches for Low Field TRASE MRI" (a highly related topic to our research).

    UW media release
    Posted on 24 Sep 2014

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