• The D2O Cryostat is In!

    Ultracold neutron (UCN) news flash: The spallation target for the UCN source was installed last week, and now the first of the cryostats from Japan has been installed. Photo: (Upper) Jason Chak and Cam Marshall help the cryostat into place. (Lower) The D2O cryostat and the proton beamline after the cryostat was put in place.

    The cryostat will contain solid heavy water (D2O) at 10 degrees above absolute zero. Neutrons produced in the spallation target will be cooled to around the same temperature as they bounce around in the heavy ice. At this point, they are referred to as cold neutrons. The cold neutrons will become ultracold by interacting with superfluid helium. To install the superfluid helium source is the next phase of the installation.
    Posted on 29 Apr 2016

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