• How many neutrons do we make?

    Tuesday, November 22, 2016 (Vancouver). PHOTO: Lori Rebenitsch (U. Winnipeg/U. Manitoba, left) and Tatsuya Kikawa (TRIUMF, right) insert samples for neutron irradiation. The residual activity of the samples will tell us how many neutrons we made, and their temperature.

    Using a new method developed by Tatsuya and reported at the APS DNP meeting in October 2016, samples of exotic substances such as europium will be irradiated. These materials have the strange property that they capture cold neutrons differently than more commonly used samples such as gold. By comparing the europium and gold yields, we can therefore sense how cold our neutrons were. This is a critical step in understanding the thermalization of neutrons in our cold neutron moderator, which is made of solid heavy water (D2O).
    Posted on 23 Nov 2016

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